Mike Grant
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Mike Grant - 1/48 Custom Decals
MGD48000Cockpit Gauges & Data Plates
MGD48000JCockpit Gauges & Data Plates Jet Aircraft
MGD48008Fieseler Fi 156 Storch #2
MGD48019B-24D 'Strawberry Bitch'
MGD48023B-17G 'Hikin' for Home'
MGD48039B-17G 'Thunderbird' 359th BS/303rd BG
MGD48040'Seattle Warbirds' three B-17F Options
MGD48043Italian 'smoke ring' camouflage
MGD48044James Howard's P-51B 'Ding Hao!', Capt. Hsu Chi-Hang's Chinese AF P-51D and Capt. Clyde East's F-6D 'Lil Margaret'.
MGD48047SH-60B/F Seahawks HSL-41 'Seahawks', HS-14 'Chargers' and HSL-49 'Scorpions'
MGD48048P-47 Thunderbolts Pt 1: F-47N AWFC, P-47D 'Bonnie', P-47D in bogus Russian markings for film 'Berlin Airlift', P-47D 'Fiery Ginger IV' and P-47D 'Miss Mutt II/Pride of Lodi Ohio'
MGD48049Royal Canadian Navy Sea Furies
MGD48050B-24H ‘Witchcraft’
MGD48101F-51D Postwar Ponies