Trumpeter 1/32 Scale A-10 Warthog

Model, Text and Photos By: Jack Mugan

Part 3

Continuing with our journey, we move on to step twenty- three/twenty-four,  dealing with the main landing gear area.  I decided to paint the landing gear, but leave them and the wheel well doors and their attachments off at this time for ease of painting later. I might add here, the main gear also cries for more detail in the form of brake lines.  However, I have now run into the first really poor fit at this time as I glued in the main gear housing. This area took a little cleaning up. I also masked off the wheel well openings, as the inside color will be aircraft gray, rather than the camouflage color. I skipped the next two steps as they dealt with the canopy/windshield, as well as other small add on parts, that can be assembled when the model gets closer to being painted.

Steps twenty-eight through thirty-three are concerned with the engine(s) assembly. For some reason, for display purposes I assume, the Trumpeter people decided to do half of the engine housings pieces in clear plastic. They also supplied two nice resin engines, but very little painting information. I sort of winged it here.  (Here again is another Detail Moment for those who can't help themselves). This is a good place to check your Squadron A-10 Walk Around (number 17). This part of the model will require careful dry fitting and checking for the location pins for each interconnected part. Great care is need here, if all is to fit together as a unit.

You will be assembling the clear intake pieces at this point. Much care must be taken as to which end goes where. Careful examination will show very small location pins. Again, I chose to do some painting at this point, hoping to avoid unnecessary masking later on.

By now, the basic building has been completed, and now it's time to deal with things like scoops and antennas. The canopy was masked off using Tamiya tape (I love this stuff). There is a small seam that must be removed and polished out between the front frame, and what I think is some kind of antenna in the glass. I masked both sides on the bubble part because the inside would be black and very visible in the open position. I used Flat Black, and a finished coat of ModelMaster Aircraft Interior Black (37031).

Part 2


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