Trumpeter 1/32 Scale A-10 Warthog

Model and Text By: Jack Mugan

Part 2

I had to do a little bit of clean up to the fuselage before moving on to the wing assemblies. The fit is really good for a model of this size. The putty I am using is a product from 3M called Acryl Blue. It has been discontinued.



Step eleven through fifteen deals with the construction of the wings. The flaps may be left as moveable or glued in the position of your choice. Construction is straight forward, and the fit is good. Some modelers will probably want to thin the trailing edges a bit. There is a little clean up needed at the wing tips. 
The stabilizer and rudders are next. Once again, we have moveable flying surfaces. I found the Touch and Flow gluing tool very helpful at this stage. I use this tool when I really have to control where the glue is needed, and will not interfere where parts need to move. I decided to leave the rudders as separate parts for ease of painting.



The Warthog starts to take shape. Yikes! It's HUGE



Part 1


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