Online Airplane Contest!

Prize: 1/48 Westland Whirlwind from Classic Airframes

Classic Airframes Whirlwind

Voting is over and we have a winner! Stu Hurley with his bright yellow Sea King has taken top honors. Congratulations Stu!

Our winning voters were:    Bryan Dewberry who chose the Emily Aero Detail Book
                                                 Jorger Figari who chose the Heaven Next Stop book

Please remember to investigate the Roll Models' Online Catalog . There's all kinds of good stuff you need in there!


Graham Tarran

Stephen Tontoni

Robert Rensch

James Kelley

Rich Bernecki

Mike Hutchison

Larry Goodell

David Graf

Jose Lucero

Emilio Diaz

Tony Bell
Terry Moore

Bryan Dewberry

Darius Aibara

Andrew Irving

Thomas Bautch

Matt Swan

Andrew Garcia

Wayne Funderburk

Mike Grant

Jason C-C

Jerry S.

Tom Choy

Jim Kiker

Jeff Leonard

Chas Bunch