Roll Models' Whirlwind Contest

Larry Goodell

Here is my Hasegawa 1/32 Bf109G-6/R6 modeled as Uffz. Gunther Sahl's "Black 8"
of 8./JG 54, 1944.
     Everything you could get aftermarket for this kit I did from scratch:
1 - detailed gearbay w/cutouts, tubing, brakelines & zippered well liners.
2 - scaled up the spinner by reshaping the prop cutouts and fabricating the flange
     around the alum tubing blast tube.
3 - fabricated all cockpit details from wire, sprue, and different dia. solder. Oxygen
     hose, radiator flap acutators, canopy lock, canopy stop and things I can't remember.
4 - cut out and built shell ejector chutes
5 - modified the drop tank and mount so tank actually hangs from a brass strap that
     holds it snug against the sway braces.
6 - cut out and opened the front wing radiator doors and boxed in the radiators.
7 - used hypo tubing for pitot tube
8 - the seatbelts and harness straps are lead foil with the buckles fabricated from
     fine solder, shaped the flattened by rolling an xacto handle over them.
9 - model is painted with Model Master enamels and decaled with EaglCals sheet #39.
10- I carved out the exhaust with a #11 blade that has about 1/16
    snapped off the tip. This tool makes a handy gouger outer for flat exhausts. Works
    good on 1/48 scale also.