Roll Models' Whirlwind Contest

Stephen Tontoni

I built the Academy Ju87G-1 pretty much out of the box except for PE seat harnesses and aftermarket swastikas. Kit decals used otherwise. To get the "Spring 1943" effect that I was looking for, I did a standard splinter scheme using Floquil Military Colors, then shot gloss and decalled as normal. I use Testors Gloss-Cote; given up on Future except for limited usage.

I then gloss coated over the decals to seal them in and to provide a barrier. Next I sprayed a light dusting of Floquil Reefer White. Before it really had time cure completely, I then used Novus 3 to polish away some of the white. That left the effect I was seeking. A quick spray of Testor's Dull-Cote and it was pretty much finished except for some weathering.