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Fernando Torre

This is a 1/700sacle KomBrnig...resin kit of a soviet Kresta I Missile cruiser.....Sevastopol
Also known as The Berkut class was the successor to the 'Kynda' class and in service up until the early eighties.
Numerous improvements were done to these ships along their service life ,and they were much more effective and reliable then the Kynda's.......Savastopol has since being broken up.

I built this kit pretty much OOP except for Flagship railings. As it was my first waterline 1/700, first resin, first small scale ship. I did not get in over my head...the water is made from a piece of plastic textured ceiling light fixture that I cut to fit the Plexiglas display case, and painted and modified to look like water wakes. It is entirely painted in TAMIYA.