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Modeler #08, Mike Gawell

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Here are some of my modeling subjects.  I am "average joe modeller"  these are all out of the box kits, and the only thing I ever do is show my aircraft in their natural environment.  Flying.  Japanese subjects are of great interest to me, and I have a particular interest in the Pearl Harbor
operation.  But as most joe modellers, I wander to other subjects, and always strive to make each and everyone a bit better than the last subject.

A written review is a given since I write reveiws on a regular basis for a web page I happen to be very closely associated.  The fact Japanese subjects are a favorite may come as a surprise, but hey everyone has to have a skeleton in their closet.  VOTE FOR ME (shameless plug).  It would be great not only to write a review, but to compare it to the Nichimo kit of which
you see herein.

Hope you enjoy the subjects I selected.
"Average Joe Modeller"

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