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Model used: Trumpeter 1/200 scale Ex-Soviet Desroyer Courageous
Displayed as:  Soviet Destroyer Gromky 1958
History: The ship was built as a Project #07 Destroyer in the late 1930's under one of Stalin's Five Year Programs just prior to WW II.  The ship was  built on an Italian design and had numerous problems resulting from the use of a design built for the rather calm Mediterainian being used in the Baltic and Artic Seas.  The design was updated several times during the war and  then again several time after the war.  The ship as presented represents the Gromky one of the two ships that were sold to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army/Navy (PLAN)  in the late 1950's.  This was the last configuration of the  ship in Soviet service.
The Model: Overall the model is rather thick and bulky.  To compenstate for these characteristics the following changes were made to the original kit  form.
1.  All armamants were rebuilt in brass and plastic. (Hand cut brass shields gun parts and torpedo parts)
2. All mast and radio antenna were rebuilt in brass
3. Mine rails were replaced in plastic and brass rail.
4. Hull plating was added to the blank hull provided in the kit.
5. Correct two bar photo etch rails were added to the kit. (GMM 2 Bar set)
6. The exterior and interior of the funnel were rebuilt adding hand grabs and spacers and other detail parts.
7.  Boats rigging was added, ships boats were rebuilt and  Paravanes were scratch built from brass.
8.  Mines and smoke cannisters were scartch built.
9.  Model is displayed on a Teak and Mahogony base.

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