Juan Solorzano

I did the following modifications to the kit to build an early version Mig-25P.

1.    All raised panel lines were removed; new ones were drawn and scribed as per scale drawings.

2.    Wings and tail planes were trimmed to size as per scale drawings.

3.    Wings were moved forward.

4.    Pitot tube, radome and wingtips were scratch built.

5.    Openings on top of intakes were scratchbuilt.

6.    All rivets were drilled for surface detail.

7.    Cockpit was built using a modified Mig-21 tub, control column and side consoles.

8.    I also replaced the seat with a KMC KM-1 ejection seat.

(Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged image)

(Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged image)

Voter's Comments:

A mighty fine looking Mig.

MiGs are cool.  Well done kit.

Yeah Man, that is a beautiful finish. It looks like it stepped right off of the VCR tape from the Discovery Wings series.